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50 Content Marketing Tools You Need For Your Business9 min read

If you’re a company developing content, you know you have to have a unique story. Content helps you develop a unique story about your business and let potential customers know what your value is over that of other companies and why they should choose you. Getting your content out there, though, can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. We have developed a list of 50 tools that can help boost your content marketing strategy and get more people seeing your content. 

Keep reading to find out the tools to use to help boost your content marketing strategy. 

10 Content Marketing Tools To Discover New Content

If you don’t know what to write about, many tools can help you come up with content ideas and discover new content topics. Let’s begin with these:

  • Reddit Reddit is another great way to find out what’s trending and get inspiration on a variety of issues. 
  • Twitter Twitter is a great way to search for trending topics and find ideas to develop content. Searching for specific hashtags to your industry may also shed light on subjects that may interest your readers. 
  • Flipboard Flipboard helps you see the stories and news that are happening. It’s a nifty tool to use to see what’s trending, which in turn can give you ideas. 
  • Feedly– Feedly is a great tool to follow your favorite blogs and websites and see other content to take ideas from.
  • Pulse– Run by LinkedIn, it is an app that allows users to curate content based on their interests and topics of choice. It is a great tool to help you come up with content. 
  • Quora This social network is a platform used for questions and answer discussions. It is a great way to identify trends by looking at consistently asked questions and come up with content ideas.
  •– This platform is a great way to find great inbound marketing content and get ideas from other marketers. 
  •– This platform lets you browse a curated list of online papers and newsletters and find engaging topics and content from thousands of sources. 
  • Alltop- This is a platform that holds content from many top publications and categorizes them by topics like News, Culture, Interests, Tech, and many others. 

8 Tools for Content Creation

After deciding what content idea you want to do, it’s essential to know how to create the content you select. These seven tools come in handy.

  • Canva Canva is a great free tool to create visuals for your content. Kind of like a simplified Photoshop, it helps you create images and posts. 
  • This tool helps create amazing infographics and data visualization. 30,000+ infographics created, and that can help inspire you. 
  • Resize it This is an online tool that helps you resize your images for publications. It is an excellent way for those new to design to fix images to fit into articles, ebooks and PDF’s
  • Meme Dad If you’re creating entertaining content, think about adding a meme to it; this tool helps you develop memes quickly. 
  • Issuu– This tool helps create visually stunning content for online magazines and blogs. 
  • Google Keyword Tool This tool helps you search for the right keywords for your content to help you use for headlines and the body of your articles using the most searched keywords on Google. 
  • Thinglink This app lets you tag images with music, video, text to help make them more engaging. It also allows readers to comment on pictures and follow image channels of creative people. These images are shareable and embeddable, making it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, and email. 
  • UberFlip– This tool helps optimize PDF’s by adding social buttons, audio, and video elements, making it much more interactive. 
  • PowToon PowToon is an easy way to create high quality animated videos and presentations, making your original content stand out.  
  • Poll Maker– This tool helps you embed web-based pools into your content, making it more engaging and interactive for readers. 
  • Embedded Tweets– this platform helps you add live tweets to your online content to give it more credibility and make it more interactive. 

9 Content Marketing Tools for Writing

Now is the time to sit down and write that content. These tools will help you do that with ease, so read on to find out how

  • Compendium– Compendium is a platform that gives publishers the tools required to plan, produce, publish, promote, and measure their content marketing all on one platform. It is a great tool to use for content creation, owned by Oracle.  
  • Contently This platform helps companies who don’t have a content writer on board to work with high-quality freelance writers, and it takes care of payments and the editorial process, making it easy for companies to write the content needed.
  • Shareist This editorial platform helps small companies with their entire content marketing, from capturing content to creating text, links, images, and others. You can export the content created on the platform to email, newsletters, and ebooks. 
  • Skyword- Skyword is a tool that helps companies with content writing as well as imagery for their content. Companies who decide to use it have access to 20,000 writers, as well as the partnership with Bigstock Imagery for stock images. 
  • Textbroker– Textbroker is another content creation service that companies can use to create articles, press releases, and written snippets for websites. Companies can choose from a database of writers and have a quick turnaround for their content.
  • Codeless- This platform produces content for companies, giving them a place where they can hire writers to write blog posts, eBooks, PDFs, and whitepapers. 
  • NewsCred This content development platform helps companies source articles, images, and videos from 25,000 available sources to help them with their content strategy. 
  • Hemingway App– This platform helps companies edit and write content to create great pieces of content.
  • Brafton Brafton helps companies with their content creation as well as SEO, social media marketing, and content analytics services to ensure that content will perform well. 

8 Content Marketing Tools to Organize Your Content

After writing your content, you will need to organize it. These eight tools will surely help you. 

  • Google Calendar– This tool can not only be helpful to track your meetings, but it can also help you organize and collaborate on your content calendar.
  • Evernote– This multi-use platform can help you keep track of content ideas and editorial calendar, being available in desktop and mobile format so you can use wherever you are
  • Trello– Trello is used primarily as a project management software, but can help you organize everything from media to content ideas on organized cards or boards. This way, you can collaborate with your content team and gather information on the content to be developed.
  • Wunderlist This platform helps you create lists to outline your content strategy and ideas on your desktops and mobile. 
  • Pinterest– Pinterest is a social media platform, but it can also help you organize your resources, content, and websites in one board space, even helping you make it private if you don’t want to show it to the world. 
  • MindNode– This tool helps you record your brainstorm sessions and ideas to understand better what content is working or isn’t.
  • Harvest– This time tracking tool can help you keep your content marketing on schedule and help you make better decisions about them. It enables you to keep track of where your time is spent and realize what tasks can strengthen your content marketing efforts.
  • Remember That Milk This app helps you manage all your tasks by integrating everything on Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Evernote, and even Google Calendar, amongst others. 
  • Pocket This app lets you save videos, articles, and other resources to check out later, organizing them in a way you can find them easily. 
  • IFTTT– This platform lets you create custom recipes to increase productivity across all your web platforms and makes them work together in a much easier way. 

8 Content Marketing Tools for Content Distribution

After finishing with the writing and organizing of your content, you will need to distribute it, get it out into the world. These eight tools will help you do just that. 

  • Buffer– Buffer is a tool that helps organize and schedule your content across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as recommending the best posting times. This app helps distribute content to each channel in a quick way. 
  • Edgar– Similar to Buffer, Edgar helps users put together a library of content they want to share on several social networks and creates a schedule for them and automatically sends it out. It is much more automatic than Buffer, so you can send it and forget it. 
  • Inbound Writer- This app is used for content optimization, helping you monitor topics of interest and reach your readers by giving you insights on what type of content to create for them. 
  • Mailchimp– Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that is very easy to use and helps companies send content to their email lists. 
  • Yoast– Yoast is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that helps optimize your content to be searchable by all search engines. It helps make the process of SEO easier for companies.
  • PRWeb This syndication platform helps companies send out optimized press releases using the best practice of SEO. They have a database of 30,000 journalists, 250,000 news subscribers, and 3 million monthly visitors, so your valuable content will be read. 
  • Promoted Posts (Facebook)– Using promoted posts on Facebook is using advertising to boost the visibility of your content by setting it in the newsfeed. This way, a broader audience of users are bound to find it much more comfortable than they would if the content was left to grow organically. 
  • Tweriod This tool helps companies determine the best time to post on Twitter. It also helps get your content in front of more users on the platform. 
  • StumbleUpon Ads– This platform is excellent for companies wishing to pay for their content to have more exposure online. 
  • Slideshare Slideshare helps draw attention to content by creating decks that are available online and link directly to your website or service. 

There you have it, our curated list of marketing tools that will help boost your content marketing and take it to another level. You can pick and choose the tools that will work for your business and improve your content marketing strategy work for you.