50 social media tools for successful online presence

Discover the 50 Social Media Tools For Successful Online Presence11 min read

There are thousands of social media tools out there, and they keep evolving every day. We thought it was important to list the most important out there to help you own your social media presence. Some of the most successful brands use this list of 50 social media tools, and they are sure to help you too. 

Keep reading to discover the top 50 social media tools for a successful online presence.



We had to start this list off with tools that will help you with your social media management. 


Tool # 1: Buffer

Buffer is a beneficial social media management tool that has a clean interface and is user-friendly. Buffer helps you schedule and post online and also provides insights that can help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts. It is our tool of choice here at Pepper Gang. 

Tool # 2: Hootsuite

Hootsuite was one of the first social media management tools to hit the shelves, and it is still one top as one of the best. Hootsuite allows you to schedule, track, and engage on all your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram (though it does not directly post to Instagram). 

Tool #3: Nuvi

Nuvi is a social media marketing suite that provides impressive social media data visualization. The platform makes it simple to view social media data reporting and monitoring, making it simple for companies to focus on strategy rather than reporting.  

Tool # 4: MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a leading social media management tool mentioned in some of our other articles. It is a great tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs since it is an effective way to schedule and organize all types of content. It also has automation features and automatically generates social media updates from your content and posts them, even if you have run out of content.

Tool #5: Post Planner

Post Planner is a tool that analyzes social media and content and identifies the best content for your target audience. People using the platform can browse through its recommended feeds to discover new content, and the platform will measure data from your previous posts to predict future engagement.

Tool #6: CoSchedule

CoSchedule is technically a marketing calendar, beneficial for social media purposes as well. By linking all of your platforms to CoSchedule, you’re able to plan, promote, and execute your social media strategy all in the same tool. 

Tool #7: Sprout Social

Sprout Social features a smart inbox that helps organize and simplify social engagement. It offers customer support features like tasks and Helpdesk and team collaboration tools, giving them access to activity updates.

Tool #8: Later

Later is one of the most popular Instagram post scheduling apps. It provides an intuitive calendar view, has a bulk uploading feature, and a search function that makes it easy for people to find and repost engaging content.

Tool #9: Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck, owned by Twitter, is a simple dashboard for Twitter. It helps organize feeds, notifications, messages, and others using a simple column view. It also supports the management of multiple accounts, making it easy for companies that have several accounts. 

Tool #10: Planoly

Planoly is a simple, clean, and easy to use platform. It features a visual planner for Instagram, making it easy to plan out the look of your page. It is available in mobile and web form and makes it easy to schedule and post images to Instagram. 




Next, we continue with tools that will help you make your content visual and stand out online.


Tool #1: Canva

Canva is an easy tool to create amazing images. It features many editable templates with drag and drops edit capability that makes it easy to create visually stunning content to share on social media. The templates come in every social media size and format for any social platform. 

Tool #2: Pablo

Pablo, created by Buffer, is another excellent visual media tool that makes it easy to create images. Over 50,000 images with a drag and drop editor include over 25 fonts, Pablo helps create engaging images in different sizes for every social network. The platform even features filters to make images pop.  

Tool #3: Pexels

Pexels is a great platform to get free, beautiful stock images that can help create visual media you can share on social media. It features many stock images, so you’re sure to find what you need.  

Tool # 4: Easelly

Easelly is a tool that helps make infographics quickly and straightforwardly. It has a library full of templates, making it easy for people to find an outline they like. 

Tool #5: Infogram is another infographic creation tool that features over 35 charts and 200 maps. It features ready-made designs, GIF charts, and the ability to import data from Excel, Google Drive and Analytics, Dropbox, and others so you can share data and images on social. 

Tool #6: Piktochart

Piktochart also helps simplify the creation of infographics, as well as reports, posters, and presentations. With a vast library of over 500 templates and industry-specific icons, it helps make importing data an easy thing and enables you to visualize it easily. 

Tool #7: Adobe Express

Adobe Express, owned by Adobe, is a web-based tool that helps turn your ideas into graphics, web stories, and animates videos. It makes it simple for creatives (or any person really) to create rich, engaging media to share on social channels. It is also available as an iOS app so you can create content directly from your mobile. 

Tool # 8: Quickmeme

Memes are some of the most viral content on social media, and Quickmeme provides meme templates that users can add text to, making it easy to share funny, captioned pictures of whatever you want. 

Tool #9: GIPHY

GIFs have also become an integral part of social media. GIPHY is the largest GIF database, containing all of the moving images you can think of to share on social media.  



Content curation is an integral part of social media, making these four tools a necessary addition to our list.


Tool #1: Nuzzel

Nuzzel is an app created in a feed-based platform based on what friends are reading and sharing online. You can create a feed that has topics related to your interests and create original content to share on social media.

Tool #2: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great tool to determine what topics or keywords are trending online. The platform helps provide data in the highest-ranking content, helping you identify and connect with top influencers.  

Tool #3: Feedly

Feedly is a similar newsreader platform. It allows users to create and customize feeds based on interests and assigns each post on the feed a heat-score, which determines how engaging the content is. Making it easy to identify what’s trending and what isn’t. 

Tool #4:

Quu is a platform that hand-curates content for users based on their target audience’s interests and then sends it to their Buffer account. It helps take the work out of content curation and quickly sends you what you need. 



Measuring your social media efforts is another crucial part of your online presence, and these 11 tools will help you measure them effectively.


Tool #1: Audience

Audience is a tool that provides social media insights. This way, it helps people create segments of their target audience, understand their behavior, optimize engagement, and track organic and paid campaigns. 

Tool #2: Mention

Mention is a tool that helps with brand monitoring across social media and the web. The platform monitors multiple channels in real-time to provide users with live updates about their brand. It also features competitor analysis, influencer finding, and automated reports on social media. 

Tool #3: Klear

Social media intelligence platform Klear helps users improve their online presence by monitoring and offering reporting tools, influencer searches (and a tool to easily connect with influencers), and an analysis of their social media profile. 

Tool #4: Keyhole

Keyhole is a tool that helps track hashtags by measuring their performance on Twitter and Instagram. The platform provides analytics in real-time metrics on influencers and suggests related hashtags to promote further drive engagement of posts. 

Tool #5: Crowdfire

Crowdfire allows users to manage followers on Twitter and Instagram. The tool helps provide insight into people who follow you, those who don’t, and finding inactive or influential users. It is especially useful for managing the engagement of your followers on social media. 

Tool #6: Instagram for Business

Although not a tool, Instagram for Business is a feature of Instagram that allows brands to turn their accounts into business accounts. The feature provides business insights and the ability to create and promote ads directly within the app. 

Tool #7: Iconosquare

Analytics and Instagram marketing tool Iconosquare provides follower analytics and engagement, Instagram post scheduling for multiple accounts, and the ability to create photo and video contests within the app. 

Tool #8: SocialRank

The SocialRank tool helps users identify, organize, and manage followers on Twitter and Instagram. One of its main features is follower sorting and filtering, assisting brands in identifying their most influential and engaged followers.

Tool #9: Facebook Insights

Another tool that is not an app or platform; Facebook Insights is a feature built into Facebook’s Pages. The feature provides analytics on your followers and your page’s performance, helping look at impressions and engagement. 

Tool #10: LikeAlyzer

This analytics tool measures the effectiveness of your Facebook Pages. LikeAlyzer provides its users with recommendations and feedback based on their Facebook Pages performance. 

Tool #11: Engage by Twitter

Engage by Twitter is a Twitter app for iOS that helps users understand their Twitter audiences by analyzing real-time data and generating insights for growth. It also features monetization options, so influencers and brands make revenue through the platform.



Promoting your content online will help you make a stronger impact online, and we have a couple of tools to help you do that.


Tool #1: Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads platform is a tool native to Facebook to advertise ads on the platform. It uses the data collected on the social channel to help target audiences according to their interests, demographics, and others. 

Tool #2: Babbly

The social sharing tool Babbly helps brands boost their content to allow it to become viral. It encourages users to share each other’s content and receive credits so they can post their own. The platform can help with content promotion and curation.



Automating content is an easy and surefire way to make your content successful, and we have given you the tools to do just that.

Tool #1: IFTTT

This automation tool supports integration with many different social media apps. IFTTT allows you to link to multiple apps to automate tasks, like, for example, saving Instagram posts to Google Drive, keeping profile pictures in sync across platforms, or saving Tweets to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

Tool #2: Zapier

Zapier is also an automation tool that acts as a link between web apps. It features a huge library of apps and linking between multiple platforms. The tool helps make intuitive workflows that simplify the process of working with several social media platforms

Tool #3: Wishpond

Wishpond is a great tool for brands that are looking to increase social media engagement. The app features a social media contest tool that is a foolproof way to reach more potential customers through social media and help the lead generation process. 

Tool #4: Typeform

Typeform is an easy-to-use tool that helps create online forms and quizzes. It is a simple way to get information from your social media followers and help you with your social media efforts. 

Tool #5: Pocket

Pocket is a tool desktop and mobile that allows users to save reading links for later use, keeping topics they want to write or read about in one platform. 

Tool #6: Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows people and brands to connect with their audiences on a much deeper level, providing live video option that is always a good idea on social media. 

Tool #7: Google URL Builder

The Google URL builder is a simple tool to attach tracking codes to the links you share on social media. With this tool, you can track your social metrics like traffic and visitor behavior based on where they came from on the web. 

Tool #8: Bitly

Bitly is a URL shortener that also allows you to track individual links to gain information about your audiences and measure the performance of your campaigns. 

Tool #9: Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a tool that helps make it simple to promote, share, and track content on Twitter. This link is then automatically posted to Twitter and followed, making it an easy process. 



These last few tools will help you make your content more interactive and impactful.

Tool #1: Curalate

Curalate helps make Instagram feeds more interactive by linking photos to other locations. Followers find product pages or go directly to a brand’s website. 

Tool #2: Have2HaveIt

Have2HaveIt is another platform used for making Instagram more interactive and make feeds shoppable. It lets user link to one location per Instagram post, providing aNalytics and customer data, making it easier to create impactful strategies

Tool #3: Yotpo

Yotpo is a tool that generates real reviews for brands, helping them increase brand equity, and collecting user-generated content. One of its main features is transforming user-generated content and reviews into Instagram ads.

With the choice of 50 social media tools, we’re confident to say you can be on your way to success in the social media world. You can use as many or as little as your brand needs and customize them to your needs. Happy posting! 


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