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Pepper Gang and Google Discuss Holistic Marketing in Exclusive Interview [Video]2 min read

Earlier this year, Pepper Gang’s very own co-founder and Director of Business Development, Stefanie Daneau, was interviewed by Diana Devlin at Google’s NYC headquarters. While chatting with Devlin, an Agency Development Manager at Google, Stefanie discusses holistic marketing strategy and how we utilize the approach at Pepper Gang.

Let’s run through a brief synopsis of Stefanie’s conversation with Diana.

So, if you aren’t aware of the term “holistic marketing,” here’s what you need to know: Holistic marketing describes running a campaign for a business and looking at their results overall, instead of breaking the results down into multiple factions. Those of us at Pepper Gang recommend and use a holistic approach because we know it works best for our clients.

Why? Because a holistic approach allows us to be more open to utilizing a mix of channels when boosting a brand. That way, the brand will reach clients and customers at various levels of the buying cycle, ultimately having more influence over their final decision.

While carrying out this process, we measure two things:

  1. What the value of each channel is for the respective client.
  2. The overall profitability and growth the process is giving the client’s brand.

Without using this strategy, businesses tend to limit themselves and their abilities. Over time, client results are limited due to a restriction of worthy channels and an open mind. With so many possibilities for brand recognition today, it’s foolish not to take advantage of everything available. Businesses are complex entities; marketers should understand and advertise with the big picture in mind.

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