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Killer Call to Actions That Drive Results2 min read

Call To Action

A call to action brings people into the purchase funnel, it directs them on what to do next. People don’t want to have to think about what you want them to do, we need to tell them instead. Calls to action need to be chosen based on your goals. Using the correct call to action can influence purchase, drive people closer to the goal, and helps remove doubt or questions on what should be done next. 

A great call-to-action strategy is just as important as your keywords, landing pages, and website content. Don’t haphazardly just put calls to action in place, they should be carefully chosen and implemented through a series of on-page tests to see which one triggers an action in your target audience.

Example calls to action that generate success:

  • Learn More
  • Let’s get saving
  • Learn More Now
  • Let’s start saving now
  • Start Now
  • Let’s start now
  • Start Free Trial
  • Get started                
  • Shop Now
  • Try It
  • Try it now
  • Try for Free
  • Improve your _____
  • Save your _____
  • Get peace of mind now
  • Improve your wall now
  • Get started
  • Save now
  • Watch video now
  • See plan pricing
  • Find out more
  • Share it
  • Buy Now
  • Buy It Today
  • Order Now
  • Order Online
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Join Us

Always consider what the end-user wants when developing your call to action and include any value propositions. For example, if you are offering a free trial, be sure to mention that it’s free and even take that one step further to explain how long that trial runs. You could include language such as Start Your One Month Free Trial.

In addition to the value proposition, be sure to include urgency in your calls to action. One way you can create urgency is to include words such as Now, Today. Encourage them to take action quickly.