Canvas Bees



Canvas Bees came to Pepper Gang looking for further growth of their business. They wanted to increase their revenue while maintaining control of their advertising spend. They had been running mildly successful campaigns and were looking for additional resources, creative strategies, and recommendations to grow.


Pepper Gang generated a plan to reach sales goals. Pepper Gang implemented a strategy that included:

  • Extensive research to understand the target geographically, age, interests, gender and time.
  • Previous account audits to identify opportunities and further optimization that was underutilized.
  • Discovery of missed opportunities through mobile channels and creation of a full mobile device campaign to reach the growing audience.
  • Revamp of formats and display ads to allow for a more visual appeal.
  • Ways to increase engagement and competitive reach.
  • Full plan and strategy to focus on profitable keywords, channels, and segments.
Mobile Targeted Campaigns
Display Ads
Reach Increase


Canvas Bees’ Advertising platform showed significant improvement after Pepper Gang implemented new strategies. The search impression share increased to 40.88%. Due to the greater relevancy of website traffic, the bounce rate dropped to 33.53%. Pepper Gang was able to successfully increase conversion rates to 8.65% in the first two months. Overall, Pepper Gang successfully helped Canvas Bees drive the right traffic to the website, exclude wasted clicks and traffic, and build a more profitable, successful advertising campaign. Canvas Bees invested 25% more year over year and gained a 35% higher return.