Liberty Fleet



Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships came to Pepper Gang looking for better ways to grow their business by increasing ticket sales and brand awareness. Although Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships had tried to boost the ticket sales by doing digital advertising themselves, their efforts were not able to significantly impact their overall business performance. Their AdWords campaigns did not include any strategic targeting or optimization, which resulted in the company paying for irrelevant clicks.


Pepper Gang began the process by identifying online behaviors of Liberty Fleet’s local target audiences looking for local Boston harbor cruise audiences as well as nationwide audiences looking for winter sailing vacations in The Bahamas. A plan was constructed to test and identify only relevant clicks and behaviors of the target audience and to identify potential opportunities that hadn’t been seized yet. Below is how Pepper Gang approached the situation:

  • Extensive research to understand the brand persona including brand mission, value, services, features, and point of differences.
  • Market research including interest over time, regional interest, related searches, customer journey, search trends (volume trends, breakdown by location, breakdown by device, benchmark), and available reach.
  • Target audience research to further understand the motivation behind bookings for both audiences. Pepper Gang discovered differences between the audiences and further identified channels to reach each one.
  • Full plan and strategy creation to focus on digital advertising platforms most relevant to the brand’s target audience. Pepper Gang looked for traffic drivers and channels that drove the most cost-effective spend.
  • Custom AdWords campaign creation.
  • Utilization of keyword match type and negative keyword function to better control cost and the quality of the clicks.
  • Appealing ad messaging construction to improve click-through rate.
  • Daily campaign management to maintain better control and identify needed adjustments quickly.
Digital Advertising
Custom AdWords Campaigns
Advertising Click Cost Control
Ad Messaging


Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships saw a significant increase in windjammer cruise sales and had the highest record sales since it was founded. For the first two months, the advertising account captured 53.44% of impression share. The windjammer cruise sales increased 31.72%, and 25.64% in consecutive months. Concurrently, Pepper Gang successfully lowered the spend on digital advertising to half of the previous months spent, increasing ROI.

With the help of Pepper Gang’s detailed-oriented and custom approach, Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships successfully boosted their ticket sales with minimal costs. Liberty Fleet is now excited about the opportunities available to them through their overall boost in business and brand awareness.