Nutley Auto KIA



Nutley Kia came to Pepper Gang looking for assistance in growing their reach in their local area. They wanted their presence to be felt in their local community. Unfortunately, their social media presence didn’t do much more than showcase their sales offers. Their content wasn’t consistent with the audience of their brand, and they weren’t providing anything of value to promote return or engagement. Their goal was to show their local area their uniqueness, however, their campaigns seemed similar to many other brands out there.

They hoped to increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty and engagement, as well as manage their brand reputation.


Pepper Gang took on this task with enthusiasm. Extensive research and planning were crucial in understanding the local market’s unique needs and the brand’s unique voice. Pepper Gang organized a plan to hit engagement goals and provide value to encourage followers and engagement on their social pages. Pepper Gang tackled the situation with:

  • Extensive research to understand the target geographically, age, interests, gender, and an intimate understanding of the dealership and the people behind the brand.
  • Full plan and strategy production to focus on social media platforms most relevant to the brand’s target audience.
  • Editorial calendar creation to identify content opportunities custom for Nutley Kia’s audience including educational information and tips.
  • Implementation and testing of these engagement elements.
  • Custom interactive elements, engaging imaging, and content building.
  • Custom advertising campaigns used to expand reach.
  • Connecting social media efforts between platforms.
  • Complimentary businesses partnering to cross-promote and build awareness in the local community.
  • Engaging programs, sweepstakes, and offers to get the local target excited, willing to participate, and spreading the word.
Social Media Strategy
Targeted Content Creation
Engaging Image Creation
Local Audience Identification


Nutley Kia’s social media platforms soon became a customer service hub. They were then able to better serve dissatisfied customers and resolve issues efficiently.

After only a few short months, social media engagement from fans and followers increased to over 5,000 Facebook fans and over 300 followers on Twitter from the local area. Pepper Gang turned their inconsistent ‘salesy’ social focus into a presence that provides valuable information, updates, and influence in the area.

With the help of Pepper Gang’s unique approach to proactively target and speak to the dealerships local area, Nutley Kia is becoming a place for locals to tune into for updates on events and local happenings as well as a trusted source for businesses they’ve partnered with. Nutley Kia is now excited about the opportunities coming their way and becoming a more recognized name.