ProGroup Contracting



ProGroup Contracting came to Pepper Gang looking for assistance in expanding their business. They wanted to be a dominant player in the New England Area and eventually expand to a national market. Their goal was to reach businesses in their target industries and convert specific companies from their list of prospects. Before working with Pepper Gang, ProGroup was using other marketing methods. This approach was proving ineffective to convert the businesses and verticals they were targeting and the results were difficult to measure. The company was ready to take the next step and grow through digital marketing.


Pepper Gang began by researching, studying, and understanding each specific vertical and developed a strategy for their target markets. Within each vertical Pepper Gang developed a persona of the individual that would be looking for ProGroup’s services and targeted them at each stage of the buying cycle.

Pepper Gang’s goal was to drive relevant customers through the information process and bring them back into play after they had learned about the services. Some of their techniques included:

  • Keyword targeting – Increasing visibility in relevant searches when prospects are actively searching online.
  • Geofencing – Placing a perimeter around top prospect locations and getting in front of the right audience at an exact geographical area.
  • Remarketing – Targeting people in the buying cycle where they were making the decision.
  • Gmail Campaign – Sending a message to individuals who received related industry emails.
  • Media Buy – Placing advertisements in multiple channels such as industry publications, news sites, associations, trade shows, etc.

Pepper Gang was able to identify targets by understanding their online and offline behavior which included their interests, backgrounds, history, demographics, and location. With this information, they advertised on a variety of distinct channels where these individuals could be reached such as tradeshow association sites, and online industry publications. Pepper Gang also adjusted ProGroup’s website and landing page to fit the industry and improve the customer’s on-page experience.

Location Targeting
Media Buy
Website Design


ProGroup quickly saw the results of a new digital strategy. With over 12 million impressions, the company saw their website traffic increase by over 2,000% year over year and brand recall increased by 315%. The audience visiting the site was specific to the hyper-targeted businesses and industries ProGroup was seeking. Lead generation grew by 1,097%. ProGroup also experienced a 36% conversion rate.